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You get access to all key data to make data-driven healthcare decisions.

ERPNext is an open, modern, do-it-yourself ERP system for hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries.

Healthcare Industry Open Source ERP

The healthcare market is expected to exceed $1 billion in the future years. This is a direct effect of increased public awareness of the necessity of healthcare. With recent government endeavors to deliver healthcare facilities to every corner of the globe, the healthcare business appears to be on the rise.

Businesses in the healthcare sector must differentiate themselves in the face of increasing competition. Leverage next-generation enterprise technology to get ahead. ERPNext is an open-source healthcare system that allows you to keep all vital data under one roof.

Patient Repository

You can build a patient file in ERPNext for any individual who receives your healthcare services. Save vital information for each patient. Everyone will have access to all data in one place thanks to ERPNext’s integrated system.

Healthcare Practitioners

ERPNext allows you to create many practitioners (doctors, nurses, and so on) and associate each one with the proper access permissions. You may also connect each person to their employee records, allowing employees to access their leaves, payroll, and other HR information.

Practitioner Schedule

The physician schedule in ERPNext will assist you in configuring the availability of healthcare practitioners. Set the days and times for each person, and the system will block patient appointments inside each practitioner’s calendar.

Patient Appointments

There is no possibility of double-booking appointment times with total visibility of every practitioner’s calendar. You can even automate the sending of notification emails as soon as a patient books a consultation.

Document Storage

Doctors must save a variety of reports, notes, and information for each patient. Rather than dealing with third-party storage apps, utilise ERPNext’s file attachments to save multimedia documents of any kind, including text, PDFs, and reports, as well as photographs and videos. This guarantees that all relevant information is included in the patient record.

Patient History

You can access any patient’s previous information via the patient history report, including key details, allergies, past prescriptions, patient interactions with doctors, and so on. View a patient’s lifetime beginning with their first contact with your healthcare unit.


Email sent directly from your medical software means you won’t have to deal with unorganized email chains! Regarding appointments, medicines, or follow-up visits, you can email your patients or their legal representatives. ERPNext will automatically gather replies into the email thread, keeping all correspondence in one location.

Patient Encounters

Every patient interaction can be documented using ERPNext. A patient encounter can be created by either starting with an already scheduled appointment or by starting from scratch. All patient-related information, including the most recent vital signs, patient records, and other crucial data, will be automatically filled in.


Keep track of all observations and evaluations from prescriptions through patient consultations. With our flexible print format builder, you can easily format the prescription — add your hospital’s letterhead, rearrange the data fields, and display only the details you need. You have access to stunning, faultless formatting with this simply adjustable tool.

Clinical Procedures

Any clinical process, such as wound care, ultrasonography, endoscopy, or cataract surgery, can be mapped using ERPNext. In order to save time when ordering procedures, ERPNext enables you to preconfigure clinical procedure Templates. This way, you won’t have to manually define consumable default values each time. Based on the stock utilised in each surgery and the fees charged by the consulting doctor, billing can also be automated.

Medicines And Equipment

For a real-time view of product availability, stock levels in your warehouses, stock transfers, and more, ERPNext includes integrated inventory. serialised or batch-produced goods? You may choose. Use the camera on your device to scan barcodes for a lightning-fast search across your inventory of medications, medical supplies, assets, and more.

Billing And Pricing

With payment requests and email/SMS notifications, invoice your patients and pursue unpaid accounts receivable. With custom print format templates (created with HTML or Jinja templating) and one-time configuration, bills can be processed more quickly.

Automated Stock Replenishment

You cannot afford to run out of critical medications in a field where the difference between life and death is razor-thin. You can keep track of an item’s reorder level to avoid this. ERPNext will automatically generate a material request if the stock level falls below the reorder level. This lessens the likelihood of stock exhaustion and helps you restock inventory at the ideal moment.

On-The-Fly Customizations

In a field where the difference between life and death is razor-thin, you cannot afford to run out of essential pharmaceuticals. To prevent this, maintain track of an item’s reorder level. In the event that the stock level goes below the reorder level, ERPNext will immediately generate a material request. This makes stock exhaustion less likely and makes it easier for you to replenish inventory when it’s most needed.

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