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Easy asset management with the #1 Open Source Asset Management Software

ERPKA simplifies asset management, from purchase to disposal, IT infrastructure to equipment. Cover all branches of your organisation with a single centralised system. To better manage assets, use multiple features packed into a single tool.

Asset Lifecycle

You can find all asset-related information in this location. The asset lifecycle, which is created after acquiring or receiving an asset, contains all the information you might require, including the asset’s status, custodian, location, warranty and insurance, depreciation and a schedule for it, asset transfer, scraping, selling, and movements, among other things. It is transparent and perfectly clear, as everything ought to be.

Asset Inventory

Integrated inventory is a feature of ERPNext that makes it simple to manage all asset-related data. serialised or batch-produced goods? You may choose. Use the camera on your device to scan barcodes for lightning-fast search, quicker results, and data-driven decisions based on the availability, locations, and other characteristics of assets. Based on the data kept in the item master, the system automatically creates the asset record when an asset is purchased.

Purchasing Assets

Assets are purchased using purchase invoices or purchase receipts (also known as goods received notes). Based on the data kept in the item master, the system immediately creates a record for the asset. With a few clicks, depreciation schedules, methods, insurance information, and more can be updated. Asset acquisition has been made simpler with one-time configuration.

Selling Assets

You can sell assets that you no longer require with a few clicks. Since the system will automatically create those journal entries, there is no overhead associated with maintaining accounting books, keeping the process quick and easy.

Automating Asset Depreciation

Manual depreciation entries are hassle-free with automated asset accounting. Create depreciation schedules for various asset categories, and the software will automatically calculate the amount or dates of depreciation and produce accounting entries.

Scrapping Assets

You can easily scrap an asset when you no longer require it. Our asset management software handles the accounting entries, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Asset Value Adjustment

The Asset Value Adjustment feature can be used to record a sudden increase or decrease in an asset’s value. Based on the inputted re-adjustment values, the system will generate journal entries and recalculate depreciation amounts.

Asset Reporting

With reporting features, you can spot bottlenecks, keep an eye on performance, and enhance service delivery. Standard reports that come with it and easily-buildable custom reports give you the power of data-driven analysis for better decisions.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Make your own asset management software that is open source. By including custom fields in your forms, you can map the data that matters to you. Then, without writing a single line of code, modify form behavior by auto-fetching values, hiding fields based on user roles, and developing custom print formats.

Multilingual Asset Management Software

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There are tasks in every industry that are susceptible to becoming stuck in data, verification, and analysis. By implementing RPA in your organization with the help of ERPKA, you can streamline those processes and free up your workforce to concentrate on tasks where they can have a significant impact.

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