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The World's Best Open Source CRM helps you close sales more quickly.

The best tool for accomplishing more in less time is ERPNext. With a true customer-centric CRM, you can generate leads, increase sales, automate tedious tasks, connect with your prospects, and expand your business.

360-Degree View Of Your Business

Omnichannel Interactions

Don’t let any lead opportunity pass you by. Your sales team doesn’t have to switch between apps because ERPNext makes it simple to turn all interactions into data. You can get desktop notifications for incoming calls using Call Popup. With the help of this free CRM software, you can also convert the emails in your inbox into leads.

Automate Daily Chores

By establishing assignment rules (such as round robin or load balancing) to automatically distribute leads among the team, you can reduce the overhead of manual work. As a result, your sales team has more time to respond to customers and fulfill commitments on time.

Sales Team Efficiency

Don’t overlook your sales team’s overall picture. ERPNext includes pre-built reports to track group productivity and examine the lead flow or sales stage of every prospect. To address leads or opportunities with multiple assignments or mentions, you can even work together.

Total Visibility Of Sales Pipeline

Real-time access to significant sales and marketing opportunities is provided by the open source CRM from ERPNext. This assists you in developing a plan to improve your lead-to-deal conversion rates.

Crisp, Beautiful Quotations

Impressions are important. Beautify your quotations and maintain consistency across all of your documents with custom print format templates (created with HTML or Jinja templating).

Digital Marketing

Your lead closure soars thanks to our open-source CRM tool. Use email campaigns for targeted marketing, send beautiful newsletters to your customers in bulk, and analyses lead sources in great detail to see the results of your campaigns.

On-The-Fly Customizations

Develop your own open source CRM application. By including custom fields in your forms, you can map your most crucial data. Create custom print formats, hide fields based on user roles, and alter form behavior all without writing a single line of code.

Multilingual Open Source CRM

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Whatever industry you belong to be, we offer unique, scalable, and robust solutions that will help you manage your business the way you want.

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There are tasks in every industry that are susceptible to becoming stuck in data, verification, and analysis. By implementing RPA in your organization with the help of ERPKA, you can streamline those processes and free up your workforce to concentrate on tasks where they can have a significant impact.

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